LDC Examination Expected Questions - 4

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31. The Government of India introduced National Permit Scheme to facilitate inter-state movement of vehicles in ?
Answer :- 1975

32. Who made dedicated works for the rehabilitation of Yakshagana?
Answer :- K.S.Karanth

33. Who founded 'Darpana' arts school?
Answer :- Mrinalini Sarabhai

34. Telivision broadcasting started in India in ?
Answer :- 1959

35. Who was the first Miss World from India?
 Answer :- Reita Faria

36. Who was the first winner of Nehru Award for International Understanding?
Answer :- U Thant

37. In India, Plan Holiday was first declared for the period ?
Answer :- 1966-69

38. Who was the finance minister of India at the time of formation of NABARD?
Answer :- Pranab Mukherji

39. Pomology is the study of ?
Answer :- Fruits

40. Instrument used to record the growth of plants?
Answer :- Crescograph
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