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151. ISRO launched the first Space Capsule Recovery Experiment (SRE-1) in the year ?
Answer :- January 10,2007

152. Where is ISRO Satellite Centre located?
Answer :- Banglore

153. Which was the first rocket launched in India?
Answer :- Nike Apache (November 21,1963, Thumba)

154. Which is the heviest satellite launched ffrom India?
Answer :- INSAT 4CR (2007)

155. How long Chandrayaan-1 was operational?
Answer :- 312 Days (Till August 28,2009)

156. India has the .....th largest installed wind power capacity in the world?
Answer :- 5

157. Which is India's Inter Continental Ballistic Missile?
Answer :- Agni-V

158. What is the India's rank in worldwide farm output?
Answer :- Second

159. Which is the world's cheapest passager car?
Answer :- Tata Nano

160. Chandrayaan-1 was launched from?
Answer :- Sriharikota
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