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101. Which is India's third station in Antarctica ?
Answer :- Bharathi

102. Atomic Energy Commission of India was formed in the year ?
Answer :- 1948

103. What is the name of India's first station at Arctic ?
Answer :- Himadri

104. Who was the founding chairman of India's Atomic Energy Commission?
Answer :- Homi.J.Bhabha

105. Where is India's research station in Arctic situated?
Answer :- Ny-Alesud(Norway)

106. Who is known as the 'Father of India's Nuclear Power Project'?
Answer :-  Homi.J.Bhabha

107. Who inagurated India's Arctic station on 1 July 2008?
Answer :-  Kapil Sibal

108.Who was the leader of India's first expedition team to Arctic?
Answer :-  Rasik Ravindra 

109. With Himadri, India has became the .... th country to have established a full fledged research station in Arctic?
Answer :-  11

110. Name the scientist who lead both Antarctic and Arctic expedition team?
Answer :-  Rasik Ravindra
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