How to Make a Study Timetable?

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First Create a Monthly and a Weekly Target.
Points to remember while making a Timetable.
1. Same place for study.
2. Set a fixed Time for every subject.
3. Take breaks during study time. (45 mts/1 hrs study and 10 mts break)
4. Do hard things in the Morning/First. 
5. While making a timetable make sure everything that you included gets equal importance and time.
6. If there is a change in the plan which affect your timetable, do not lose your calm.
7. Do not compare yourself to other.
8. Some time you have to compromise to your plans for others. 
9. Get enough time to Sleep.
10. Review Regularly.

1. Calculate your Current Time availability.
2. List all the subjects you need to study.
3. Write down important dates or events that you cannot change. (Eg: Marriage,Thiruvoonam etc..)
4. Schedule study sections in 30-45 mts block.
5. Get enough sleep at Night.

A) schedule Monthly calender
30 Day calender PDF File
31 Day calender PDF File

B) schedule Weekly Planner
Download PDF File

C) schedule Daily Do-it Planner
Download PDF File

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