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1. The term 'Fifth Estate is used to describe ?
ANSWER :-  Blogger

2. The steel anniversary is celibrated in the year? 
ANSWER :- 11

3. Which state government will launched 'Annaprasana' an innovative programme devised to promote early initiation of breast feeding and providing complementary feeding to the infant after six months from February 2013?
ANSWER :- Odisha

4. The National Institute of Virology is located at .....
ANSWER :- Pune

5. Asia's first Bio-Safety Level-IV Laboratory is established in which place?
ANSWER :- Pune


6. Who is the new chairman of Tata Group ?
ANSWER :- Cyrus Mistry

7. The 100th edition of Indian Science Congress assosiation was held at which place?
ANSWER :- Kolkata

8. Who is the chief guest of Pravasi Bharathiya Divas 2013?
ANSWER :- Rajkeswur Purryag ( President of Mauritius)

9. Which River crosses the Tropic of Capricorn twice?
ANSWER :- Limpopo (Africa)

10. Which River crosses the Tropic of Cancer twice?
ANSWER :- Mahi River (India)

11. 'The Island' news paper published from which country ?
ANSWER :- Sri Lanka

12. Name the national leader of India who has born on 11 November 1888 in the holey city of Mecca?
ANSWER :- Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad

13. Who is the first acting Secretary General of the United Nations Organisation?
ANSWER :- Gladwyn Jebb

14. First Harappan site to have been excavated after India's Independence?
ANSWER :- Rupar

15. Who is known as the 'Nepoleon of Iran'?
ANSWER :- Nadirshah

16. Who wrote the book 'Kavirajamarga'?
ANSWER :- Amoghavarsha

17. Who started the journal 'Indian Mirror'?
ANSWER :- Kesab Chandra Sen

18. First capital of Vijayanagara Empire?
ANSWER :- Anegondi

19. The year in which The Cauvery Tribunal was appointed to solve Cauvery Water Dispute?
ANSWER :- 1990

20.Who were the members of famous JVP Committee which was formed by Congress to consider the reorganization of states on linguistic basis?
ANSWER :- Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sardar Vallabai Patel, Pattabi Sita Ramayya

21. B.N.Sreekrishna Committee is constituted to study and report on the creation of ...... state?
ANSWER :-  Telungana

22. Who has the power to remove State Election Commissioner?
ANSWER :- The President

23. The maximum time within which the information through RTI must be provided ?
ANSWER :- within 48 hours

24. Right to education came to existence on ?
ANSWER :- 2010 April 1

25. First CAG of India?
ANSWER :- V.Narahari Rau

26. Which Article gave special status to Delhi?
ANSWER :- Article 239 AA

27. How many types of ministers are in the Union Cabinet?

28. The idea of Concurrent List is taken from?
ANSWER :- Australia

29. Who opined that Cast, Criminality and Corruption are prevalent in Indian Electoral System?
ANSWER :- T.N.Sheshan

30. Which President refused to sign the famous 'Post Office Bill' ?
ANSWER :- Zail Singh

31. In the period of Second Pazhassi revolt, Sir Arthur Wellesley formed a local army known as ?
ANSWER :- Kolkar

32. Ayyankali organized 'Villunadi Strike' in the year?
ANSWER :- 1893

33. Who unveiled the sculpture of Ayyankali at Thiruvananthapuram?
ANSWER :- Indira Gandhi

34. Fahien Cave is situated in ?
ANSWER :- Sri Lanka

35. Earth is rotating at a speed of ..... at the equator?
ANSWER :- 1669.9 km/hour   
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