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Kathak means 'to tell a story'. This north Indian dance form is inextraicably bound with classical Hindusthani muscs, and the rhythamic agility of thefeet accompanied by the table or pakhawaj.
Traditionally the stories were of Radha and Krisha, in Natwari style but the Moghul invasion of North India had a serious impact on the dance. The dance was taken Muslim courts and thus became more entertaining and less religious in content. More empjasis was laid on nritta, the pure dance aspect and less on abhinaya.

Famous Dancers

  • Bharati Gupta
  • Biriju Maharaj
  • Damayanti Joshi
  • Durga Das
  • Gopi Krishna
  • Ishwari Prasad
  • Janaki Prasad
  • Kumudini Lakhia
  • Maharaj Ghulam Hussain Kathak
  • Raja Sitara Devi
  • Sambhu Maharaja
  • Sunder Prasad
  • Sovana Narayanan
  • Sitara Devi 

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Art and Culture

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