Metro Rail Systems

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Metro Rail Systems in India

  • Kolkata Metro (1984) 
  • Delhi Metro (2002)
  • Chennai Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) (1997) 
  • Namma Metro ,Bangalore (2011)
  • Chennai Metro (Under Construction)
  • Kochi Metro (Under Construction)

World’s best Metro Rail Systems 
  • New York [USA] :- The New York City Subway is a rapid transit system owned by the City of New York and leased to the New York City Transit Authority. From 28 stations, when it was founded in October, 1904, it has grown to 462 stations. The subway carries 4.9 million people daily. 
  • London [United Kingdom] :- The London Underground, usually referred to as the Tube, is Europe’s largest metro subway system and also the world’s oldest. Inaugurated in 1863, today it has 268 stations and covers 405 km of rail tracks. It transports over 976 million people yearly.
  • Paris [France] :- The Paris subway system is the second oldest in the world and transports roughly 1.5 million people daily at modest fares. Inaugurated in 1900, the subway system runs over 214 km and stops at 380 stations. 
  • Moscow [Russia] :-The Moscow subway system Inaugurated in 1863,  it caters to 3.2 billion riders travelling annually on 12 subway lines to 172 stations. The Moscow Metro covers approximately 290 km. 
  • Montreal [Canada] :- The Montreal Metro is a rubber-tired metro system, and the main form of public transportation in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Inaugurated in 1966, it caters to 835,000 people daily. The Metro is operated by the Societe de Transport de Montreal 
  • Madrid [Spain] :- The Madrid Metro is the second largest underground system in Europe and the sixth largest in the world. The first line of the Madrid metro opened on October 17, 1919,  with 8 stations and a 3.5-km track. This metro network now has 231 stations on 12 lines. 
  • Tokyo [Japan] :- Tokyo Metro is one of two metro systems making up the Tokyo subway system, the other being Toei. Started in 1927.  The Tokyo subway system carries approximately 2.8 billion people per year to 282 subway stations. 
  • Seoul [South Korea] :- The Seoul Metropolitan Subway is one of the most heavily used subway systems in the world with more than 8 million daily trips. Seoul Metro Began operation in 1974.
  • Beijing [China] :- The Beijing Subway opened in 1969 and serves Beijing and the surrounding suburbs. The subway station to about 456 km.With almost a dozen lines and 270 stations currently in operation and average passenger strength of 7.62 million per day, the Beijing Subway is the busiest in mainland China.
  • Hong Kong [China] :- The Hong Kong subway, also known as the Mass Transit Railway Corporation, was set up in 1979
  • Sao Paulo Metro [Brazil] :-  The Sao Paulo Metro is the first underground transit system in Brazil and it began operations in 1974. It cover about 300 km of track and transport  approximately 3.7 million people daily. 

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