230 Current Affairs Questions - 4

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230 Current Affairs Questions Part - 4
151. The number of medals secured by USA in the 2012 Olympics: 
152. Which state launched ‘Beti Bechao Andolan’ (Save the girl child campaign) for the healthy maintenance of sex ratio? 
Madhya Pradesh
153. The Election Commission of India raised the cap of minimum votes of a political party must secure in election to get the status of a state party or maintain it further. The new minimum limit is ___ percent of the total valid votes polled:
154. Abhinav Bhindra, the first Olympic gold medalist of India, was born in the state of: 
155. The strength of Afican Union: 
156. In which state the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi inaugurated JananiShishu Suraksha Karyakram?
157. The 40th and 41st Tiger Reserves of India was declared in the state of:
158. The first state in India to have launched scheme providing insurance cover for the entire resident population: 
159. Thein Sein visited India in October 2011. He is the president of: 
160. Which organisation agreed to provide 500 million dollar loan to help India improve rail services? 
161. The capital of South Sudan, 193rd member of the United Nations: 
162. G-4 Nations, which are trying to get permanent berth in UN Security Council, include India,Brazil,Germay and ____ 
163. World’s cheapest internet device developed in India: 
164. The name of the metro rail way in Bangalore: 
Namma Metro
165. Which European country announced its decision in 2011 to phase out all its nuclear plants by 2022?
166. The strength of European Union: 
167. The minister in charge of the portfolioof Industries and IT in Kerala: 
168. Which country has given consent to provide financial assistance for the construction of Kochi Metro? 
169. Who won women’s singles Title in French Open 2012? 
Maria Sharapova
170. The strength of ASEAN: 
171. Who won men’s singles Title in French Open 2012? 
Raphael Nadal
172. Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan who passed away in June 2012 is related to: 
173. Largest mobile operator in India: 
174. The first sports person to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha? 
Sachin Tendulkar
175. The 25th Chief of Indian Army? 
Bikram Singh
176. V.S.Sampath is appointed to the post of: 
Chief Election Commissioner
177. The first Indian state to ban ‘pan masala’ (Gudkha)? 
Madhya Pradesh
178. The winner of Santhosh Trophy 2012:
179. Which country provides support to Bangalore Metro?
180. The new chief of Indian Navy: 
181. Viswanathan Anand won his ___ world title in 2012. 
182. Name the film star was prohibited from entering the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai? 
Shah Rukh Khan
183. Who was appointed the Financial advisor to Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy? 
Shafi Methar
184. An agriment of Modernisation of Indian Railways is signed between India and ....

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