230 Current Affairs Questions - 1

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230 Current Affairs Questions Part - 1
1. Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India, belongs to the state of :-
West Bengal
2. According to a 2010 list released by Global Finance, a leading US business magazine, ……became the wealthiest nation on earth.
3. Which is the second wealthiest country in Arab region according to Global Finance:- 
4. According to Global Finance, the second wealthiest country in the world:- Luxembourg
5. Name the India’s representative who witnessed the ceremony of the birth of the new nation of South Sudan?
Hamid Ansari
6. ‘Chhaua’, the mascot of 34th National Games held at Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand is a :- Baby Deer
7. Salva Kiir Mayardit is the first President of the…...
South Sudan
8. The independence Day of South Sudan: 
July 9
9. 9,900 MW Jaitapur nuclear project is under construction in the state of:- Maharashtra
10. Who is the chairperson of the National Advisory Council? 
11. Which state assembly passed a unanimous resolution appealed to the President to reconsider their mercy pleas of the persons punished in Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Case?
Tamil Nadu
12. Under the liberalized criteria, one more clause has been added to provide that even if a Party fails to win any seat in a State in a general election to the Lok Sabha or Legislative Assembly of the State, the party will still be eligible for recognition as State Party if it secures …. or more of the total valid votes polled in the State. 
13. Nationality of Ms.Tawakkul Karman, laureate of 2011 Nobel Peace Prize:
14. The Minister in charge of the portfolio of Co operation in Kerala:
15. Vladimir Putin was elected as the new _____ of Russia in 2012.
16. Who directed the film ‘ The Dirty Picture’? 
Milan Luthria
17. The gender fest organised by Social W elfare Department of Govt of Kerala at Kozhikode was named:
18. Yingluk Shinavatra ,the prime minister of ____ was the chief guest of the Republic Day celebrations of 2012:
19. Name the legislative assembly in India that celebrates 125th anniversary in 2012-2013? 
20. Ms.Wenxia Yu who was crowned Miss W orld 2012 belongs to: 
21. Who is the leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha: 
Arun Jaitley
22. Who is the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha? 
Karia Munda
23. In which state is Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project? 
Tamil Nadu
24. Who was NDA candidate who was defeated by Hamid Ansari in the Vice Presidential election 2012?
Jaswant Singh
25. According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey which country has the highest number of smokers of tobacco?
26. The venue of the 16th summit of Non Aligned Movement (NAM)? 
27. In which country Mohamed Morsy became president in 2012? 
28. Which Latin American coutry granted asylum to Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks? 
29. Which neighbouring country of India ended direct media censorship in 2012?
30. After 18 years of negotiations which coutry joined the World Trade Organisation in 2012? 
31. The official mascots for the 2012 Summer Olympics : 
Wenlock and Mandeville
32. After the leaving of Trinamul Congress from the United Progressive Alliance which is the second largest party in U PA?
 D M K
33. The mascot of 2012 Winter Youth Olympics: 
34. Which country topped in the medal count of 2012 Summer Olympics? 
U S A (46 Gold + 29 Silver + 29 Bronze = 104 Medal) India in 55th Place with 2 Silver + 4 Bronze = 6 Medal
35. Who is the chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance? 
Sonia Gandhi
36. The venue of the 2016 Summer Olympics: 
Rio de Janeiro
37. Who was the Returning Officer for the Presidential Election 2012?
V.K. Agnihotri
38. The venue of 2012 Summer Paralympics: 
39. The number of cabinet ministers from Kerala in the Union Government:
 2 (A.K.Antony [Defence] & Vayalar Ravi [ Overseas Indian Affairs])
40. The first state in India to set up a climate change department: 
41. Who is in charge of the portfolio of Home in Kerala: 
Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan
42. The venue of the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics: 
43. Who led the Indian contingent at the 2012 Olympics? 
Sushil Kumar
44. Yogeswar Dutt is related to event:
W restling
45. On September 19, 2012 who was also presented with the Congressional Gold Medal, which is, along with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States? 
Aung San Suu Kyi
46. The head of 13th Finance Commission:
Vijay Kelkar
47. Who is the chairperson of National Commission for Women? 
Mamta Sharma
48. The motto of 2012 Summer Olympics:
Inspire a Generation
49. The venue of the 2014 Winter Olympics is Sochi. It is a city in:
50. The venue of the 20th summit of ASEAN: 
Phnom Penh

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