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Five Year Plans Part - 2

Third Five Year Plan
(1961 - 1966)
Main objectives of the Third Five Year Plan were to secure an increase in the national income, to achieve self sufficiency in food grains production, to expand basic industries like steel, chemicals ,fuel and power, utilize fully manpower resources of the country reduction of inequality of income and wealth.  Agriculture was given to top priority to support the exports and industry.
This Five Year Plan was failed because of Chinese aggression in 1962 and the conflict with Pakisthan in 1965 and severe drought 1965-66.Nehru's death and Shastri's death devalued the smooth implementation of the plan. Rupee devalued in 1966. 
Targeted Growth Rate was 5.6% and the Realization growth rate was 2.8%.

Three Annual Plans
(1966 - 1969)

A Plan holiday was declared during 1966-1969 due to conflict with Pakisthan.

Fourth Five Year Plan
(1969 - 1974)
The Fourth Five Year Plan objectives were to achieve growth with stability, to raise standard of living, to raise investement, increasing of agriculture production and to promote social justice and equality.Nationalisation of banks was the major step during this plan. First 2 years of the plan period saw record production but the last 3 years didnot measured up due to poor monsoon. This plan is also failed due to the Indo-Pak war of 1971.
Targeted Growth Rate was 5.7% and the Realization growth rate was 3.2%.
Fifth Five Year Plan
(1974 - 1979)
The Fifth Five Year Plan was prepared and launched by D.D.Dhar. The Fifth Five Year Plan is associated with Indira Gandhi's slogan "Garibi hatao"(Remove poverty). The main objectives were to achieve self reliance, to adopt measures to improve standard of living of peoples, to bring inflation under control and to achieve the target of annual growth rate of 5.5%. Indiara Gandhi launched the 20 point programmes during this plan. Self Sufficient in food grains was the major achievement of this plan.The plan was terminated in 1978 (insted of 1979) by the Janatha Government, and they started Rolling Plan.
Targeted Growth Rate was 4.4% and the Realization growth rate was 4.7%.
Rolling Plan
(1978 - 1980)
The Fifth Five Year Plan was launched and planned for period 1974-79 but Janatha Government came in power in 1978 and ended the plan prematurely in 1978. The Janatha Government launched Sixth Five Year Plan for period 1978 - 1983. Congress Government when came in power in 1980 abandoned the Sixth Five Year Plan and launched a new Sixth Five Year Plan for perio 1980-1985. The plan for period 1978-80 is called the Rolling Plan.

Sixth Five Year Plan
(1980 - 1985)
Removal of poverty was the main aim objective of the Sixth Five Year Plan and other objectives were removal of unemployment, raise the standard of living of the people and to achieve higher growth rate. Schemes like TRYSM ( Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment ),IRDP ( Integrated Rural Development Programme ), NREP ( National Rural Employment Programme ) were introduced in this plan period. 
Targeted Growth Rate was 5.2% and the Realization growth rate was 5.5%.

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