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General Instructions to Candidates
1. Applications are invited from Junior Members of I.A.S, IPS and IFS (Allotted to Kerala
State) for Admission to the Departmental Examination prescribed for them through
Online Applications submitted through the postal service will be summarily rejected. 

2. Before submitting applications candidates must register as per ONE Time
Registration Scheme through the official website of the Kerala Public Service
Commission – for applying the test. While doing the
registration candidates must upload a passport size photo taken within a period of
past six months and the personal details such as Date of birth, address, designation
& Official address etc. Then a user ID will be allotted. Candidates himself may be
chosen the password and user ID. Candidates are responsible for the correctness of
the information and secrecy of password. Before applying for the test, candidates
must ensure correctness of the information in his/her profile. They must quote the
user ID for further communication with the Commission. The application will be
summarily rejected, if non-compliance with the notification is found in due course of


Instructions regarding uploading the photo
a) Photographs uploaded should be of colour / black and white taken after
01-10-2012. The name of the candidate and the date of taking
photograph should be printed at the bottom. It should be without cap or
goggles (Except those worn in adherence to religious custom). Uploading
photograph should be 200 pixels height, 150 pixels width, not exceeding a file
size of 30 kb, in jpg fomat. The face and shoulders should be clear,
background should be white/light coloured, face centrally focused and eyes
open and vivid.
b) Candidates can download their Admission Ticket and Identification
certificates with photo through their profile. Candidate should have
to produce the attested Admission ticket and Identification
certificate at the time of examination. Otherwise will not be allowed
to attend the examination.

3. The prescribed fee must be paid in to any government treasury under the Head of
Acocunt “0051(105) State Public Service Commission (99) Examinations Fees”. In
the case of candidates residing outside the state, crossed postal orders (payable to
the Secretary, Public Service Commission, Thiruvananthapuram. Chalan number,
Date amount and Name of treasury should be entered through their profile before the
last date. Crossed postal orders should be sent to the Joint Secretary, Departmental
test wing, KPSC, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram –4 within 10 days after the last date of
receiving application. Candidates can be applied for the departmental tests by the
same user ID & password in future in response to the notifications invited by the
commission on each time.

4. The examination will be held at the office of the Kerala Public Service Commission,
Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram-4

5. The examinations (both Lower and Higher Standards) will be held at the Office of the
Kerala Public Service Commission, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram-4

6. The candidates for the examinations will have to satisfy all the conditions laid down in
G.O. (P) No. 481/Public (Special) Department dated: 8.11.1963 and the amendments
issued thereto.

7. Officers whose mother tongue is Malayalam are not required to pass the Language
Tests. But they should furnish a declaration in the manner as prescribed in G.O.
(Rt.)No.3404/73/PD dated: 25.6.1973 in the space provided in the identification
certificate. Part of the Hall ticket while appearing the examination. Identity
Certificate without proper declaration will rejected (non appealable) Paper
also will be invalidated.

8. (a) The fee prescribed for the test is Rs.50 per paper vide G.O.(P) No. 4/2000/P & ARD
dated: 5.2.2000.
 (c) The fee once paid by a candidate will not be refunded or adjusted against a future
examination on any account. Candidates are therefore advised to satisfy themselves
that the applications are in the form prescribed and the particulars requires are given

9. The syllabus of the examination, the maximum and the minimum marks required
for a pass etc. are given below. Books will not be supplied from this office for
reference in the examination hall.

10. The admission tickets of eligible candidates will be made available in their
profiles. Candidates can download Admission Ticket online by logging into
their profile using their ID and password.

11. Candidates can be make any changes in their application up to the last
date of receipt of applications. Application will be admitted on the basis of
the details and photos existing on the last date of receipt of application.

12. One the first day of the examination candidates must produce Identity
Certificate duly attested by the candidate himself at the time of
examination and handed over to the officers concerned. Otherwise answer
script will be invalidated. Candidates without Admission Ticket,
Identification Certificate will not be permitted to attend the examination.
Office seal & designation seal must be affixed below the signature of the

13. The date and time of exam will be intimated through mass media and the website of
KPSC ( No individual intimation will be served.

14. Last date of receipt of application through online 12-06-2013

15. Applications with photos that is not as per para 2 (a) will be rejected and is non-

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