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Company Corporation Assistant Grade Question - 10

1. Albert Einstein got Nobel Prize in ?
ANSWER :- 1921

2. Which cloud indicate clear weather ?
ANSWER :- Lumulus

3. The extreme colours in the spectrum?
ANSWER :- Red and Violet

4. Pounds look shallow because of ?
ANSWER :- Refraction

5. In a electrical kettle water become hot by ?
ANSWER :- convection

6. The best conductor of electricity is ?
ANSWER :- Silver

7. Which eye defects can be corrected by using convex lence ?
ANSWER :- Long sight

8. Who was the inventor of stainless steel?
ANSWER :- Brearley

9. A black body absorbs?
ANSWER :- All colours

10. When the ice melts, its volume ?
ANSWER :- Decreases

11. Most of the light rays inside a tube light is in the form of ?
ANSWER :- Ultra violet light

12. The unit of power is ?
ANSWER :- Watt

13. A person who weight 120 Kg on earth will get weight on moon ?
ANSWER :- 20 Kg

14. In India the fast breeder reactor is installed in ?
ANSWER :- Kalpakkam

15. When you rub together two blocks office, the immediate effect will be that ?
ANSWER :- They stick together

16. The particle which is supposed to travel faster than light ?
ANSWER :- Tachyon

17. Fathom is the unit used for measuring ?
ANSWER :- Depth

18. What is the unit of wavelength ?
ANSWER :- Angstrom

19. Magnetic field of electric current was discoverd by ?
ANSWER :- Faraday

20. Mechanical energey is converted into electric energy by ?
ANSWER :- A dynamo
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