Company Corporation Assistant Grade Question - 8

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1. Which is the most abundant element in the Human Body ?
ANSWER :- Oxygen

2. Which is the largest organ in Human Body?
ANSWER :- Skin

3.What is the average weight of the human brain?
ANSWER :- 1500 gm

4. WHich is longest bone in the human body?
ANSWER :- Femur [Thigh bone]

5. What is the average weight of the human heart ?
ANSWER :- 300 gm

6. Which is the only born in the human body that is not connected to another bone?
ANSWER :- Hyoid none [ At the base of the tongue]

7. What is the chromosome number of the human being?
ANSWER :-  46

8.Which is the pigment found in the skin?
ANSWER :- Melanin

9. In adults, what is the average surface area of the skin?
ANSWER :- 1.5 - 2.0 Square Meters

10. Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with.......?
ANSWER :- Skin

11. Which region of the human brain is linked to speech production?
ANSWER :- Broca's Area

12. Which part of the brain controls all voluntary actions in the human body?
ANSWER :- Cerebrum

13. Purkinje cells are the most distinctive neurons in ......
ANSWER :- Brain

14.Which region of the human brain is known as 'Little Brain'?
ANSWER :- Cerebellum

15. The degenerative disorder of the central nervous system is .....
ANSWER :- Parkison's Diseases

16. What is the total number of bones in an adult human being ?
ANSWER :- 206

17. The total number of muscles in human body is ?
ANSWER :- 639

18. Which part of the brain is the seat of memory, Intelligence and imagination?
ANSWER :- Cerebrum

19. Electro Encephalo Gram [EEG] is used to record the changes in the electrical potential in various areas of .........
ANSWER :- Brain

20. What is the life span of Red blood cells?
ANSWER :- 120 days

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