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PSC GK Questions - 002

1. Which language is the modern day equivalent of ancient Hebrew?
Answer :- Yiddish

2. Shakespear's birth place is on which river?
Answer :- Avon

3. What is the acid used in an automobile battery?
Answer :- Sulphuric Acid

4. Who made the film 'Fire'?
Answer :- Deepa Mehta

5. Which number cannot be represented by the Roman Numerical?
Answer :- 0

6. Who formulated the Telegraph code?
Answer :- Samuel.F.B.Morse

7. When did India got recognition in test cricket?
Answer :- 1932

8. Mohan Bagan is a team of which game?
Answer :- Football

9. With Whcih sports event Carl Lewis is assosiated?
Answer :- Athletics

10. Name the explorer killed by Hawailan Natives?
Answer :- Captain James Cook

11. Name the only women to sit on the throne in Delhi?
Answer :- Razia Sulthana

12.Who wrote the 'Tale of Two cities'?
Answer :- Charles Dickens

13. Which is the world's warmest sea?
Answer :- Red Sea

14. When was Telegraph invented?
Answer :- 1844

15. When did the India-Pakisthan cricket matches commence?
Answer :- 1952

16.Which brand of cigarette is considered to be number one?
Answer :- Marlboro

17. To which company does this caption belong Solutions far a small planet?
Answer :- IBM

18. Which lake in Scotland is ramoured to have a great monster?
Answer :- Loch Ness

19. Where would you find the Kookaburra?
Answer :- Australia

20. Which triangle has only two equal angles?
Answer :- Isosceles

21. Who starred in the movie Lion of Desert ?
Answer :- Antony Quinn

22. Who wrote the prize winning novel The Old Man and the Sea?
Answer :- Ernest Hemingway

23. Who wrote Joseph Andrews the comic epic in prose?
Answer :- Henry Fielding

24.Who wrote Daddy Long Legs?
Answer :- Jean Webster

25. Which is the river in New York?
Answer :- Hudson
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