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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

General English Series - 4

Parts Of Speech Part - 3
A preposition is a word placed before a noun or pronoun to show its relation to another word.
  • The book on the table is mine.
[ The preposition 'on' shows the relation of 'table' to 'book' ]
  • The hall is full of passengers.
The preposition 'of' shows the relation of 'full' to 'passengers' ]

At, on, in, upon, of with, without,to,into,by ,from are examples of prepositions.

    A conjunction is 'joining or connecting word' .It joins words or group of words.
  • Manu and Anu are friends.
[ The conjuction 'and' joins the words 'Manu' and 'Anu' ]
  • You can come by bus or by train.
[ The conjuction 'or' joins the words 'by bus' and 'by train' ]
  • I would like to go, but i am busy.
[ The conjuction 'but' joins the word groups ' I would like to go ' and 'I am busy' ]

 An interjection is a word that expresses some sudden feeling.
  • Ah! I have hurt my foot. [Ah! is a cry of pain]
  • Hurry! we have won the match. [ The interjection 'hurry' is a shout of joy or welcome]
  • Bravo! well hit. [The interjection 'Bravo' is used to express joy when somebody has done well]

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