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PSC Geography Questions - 003

1. Who is the author of the book 'The Origin of Continents and Oceans'?
Answer:-  Alfred Wegner

2. Who developed the concept of Continental Drift?
Answer:- Alfred Wegner

3. As per latest radiometric dating, what is the age of the Earth?
Answer:- 4.54 billion years

4. During which period in the age of Earth did terrestrial life was well established?

Answer:- Carboniferous Period

5. First bird and lizards appeared on Earth during .......... Period?
Answer:- Jurassic Period

6. Flowering plants first appeared during ..........?
Answer:- Cretaceous Period

7. Stone Age culture appeared during which period?
Answer:- Pleistocene

8. The present epoch in the Earth's age is known as .........?
Answer:- Holocene

9. The rise of the human civilization is the main characteristic of ...........?
Answer:- Holocene Epoch

10. Which were the two super continents formed by the breaking up of Pangaea?
Answer:- Gondwana and Laurasia
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