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International Organisation - 1

1. Who prepared the Preamble to the U.N Charter?
Answer :- Field Marshal Smuts

2. When did the Yalta submit hold on ?
Answer :- 1945

3. Which is the enforcement wing of U.N.O?
Answer :- Security Council

4. What is ECOSOC?
Answer :- Economic and Social Council

5. Who is the Head of U.N Secretariat?
Answer :- The Security Council

6. Who was the first Deputy Secretary General of U.N?
Answer :- Louise Frechette

7. Where is the Headquarters of IAEA?
Answer :- Vienna, Austria

8. UNHRC stands for ?
United Nations Human Rights Council

9. The founding day of WHO (April 7) is observed as .....?
Answer :- World Health Day

10. 'Building peace in the mind of men and women' is the motto of which organization of U.N?
Answer :- UNESCO

11. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) established on ......
Answer :- 1977

12. Which is the Air accident Investigation agency of U.N?
Answer :- International Civil Aviation Organization

13. The International Maritime Organization is Known as .....?
Answer :- Inter Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO)

14. What is WIPO?
Answer :- World Intellectual Property Organization

15. What is the motto of WIPO?
Answer :- Encouraging Creativity and Innovation

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