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Geographical Epithets

Bengal’s Sorrow – Damodar River

Blue Mountains – Nilgiri Hills

City of Sky Scrapers – New York

City of Seven Hills – Rome

City of Dreaming Spires – Oxford

City of Palaces – Calcutta

City of Golden Gate – San Francisco

City of Magnificient Distances – Washington

Cockpit of Europe – Belgium

China’s Sorrow – Hwang-Ho

Dark Continent – Africa

Emerald Island – Ireland

Eternal City – Rome

Forbidden City – Lhasa (Tibet)

Garden City – Chicago

Gate of Tears – Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb

Gateway of India – Mumbai

Gift of Nile – Egypt

Granite City – Aberdeen

Holy Land – Palestine

Herring Pond – Atlantic Ocean

Hermit Kingdom – Korea

Island Continent – Australia

Island of Cloves – Zanzibar

Island of Pearls – Bahrein (Persian Gulf)

Key to the Mediterranean – Gibraltar

Land of the Rising Sun – Japan

Land of Golden Fleece – Australia

Land of Midnight Sun – Norway

Loneliest Island – Tristan De Gunha (Mid Atlantic)

Land of Morning Calm – Korea

Land of Thousand Lakes – Finland

Land of the Thunderbolt – Bhutan

Land of Maple – Canada

Land of White Elephant – Thailand

Land of Cakes – Scotland

Never Never land – Vast Prairies of North Australia

Playground of Europe – Switzerland

Pearl of the Antilles – Cuba

Pillars of Hercules – Straits of Gibraltar

Pearl of the Pacific – Guyayaquil port of Equador

Quaker City – Philadelphia

Queen of the Adriatic – Venice

Roof of the World – The Pamirs, Central Asia
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