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ഉയർന്ന യോഗ്യത അയോഗ്യത ആക്കിയത് ശരിയാണോ?

PSC Questions Related to Chemistry

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1. Compound that doesnot form a clear solution with cold water is ......
Answer :- Benezoic Acid

2.The lightest noble gas is .......
Answer :- Helium

3. Light emitting during chemical reaction is called ........
Answer :- Chemiluminescence

4. Amber colour is imparted to glass by adding .......
Answer :- Carbon

5. Simpson and Harrison are associated with the invention of .......
Answer :- Chloroform
6. Epsom salt is .........
Answer :- Hydrated magnesium sulphate

7. Penicillin was invented by Fleming in the year?
Answer :- 1929

8. The salt known as 'Pearl Ash' is
Answer :- Pottassium Carbonate

9. The National Chemical Laboratory is situated in ........
Answer :- Pune

10. PVC plastics are obtained from vinyl chloride by the process of .....
Answer :- Polymerization

11. Milk is an example of .........
Answer :- Emulsion

12. The boiling point of water , on the kelvin scale of temperature is ...........
Answer :- 373

13. The point at which the solid,liquid and gaseous forms of a substance co-exist is called its ........
Answer :- Triple Point
14. Chemotherapy is deals with?
Answer :- The study and uses of chemicals in the cure of diseases

15. In breeder reactors uranium-238 is converted into ........
Answer :- Plutonium - 239

16. The element used in photocopying machine is ......
Answer :- Selenium

17. Dolmite is an ore of ........
Answer :- Mg

18. The substance that causes the worst air pollution in ........
Answer :- Carbin Monoxide
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This is best question answer series i have ever seen about chemical in any article. Great job thanks.

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