Kerala PSC Expected General Science Questions - 001

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Dear Kerala PSC Aspirants here we providing Expected Questions for Kerala PSC Examination like Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Secretariat Auditor, Assistant Grade 2, Excise Inspector, Sub Inspector and other Degree Level Examinations. These Questions is useful for those who are preparing for these exams. These Questions are prepared by PSC experts. All candidates who are preparing for PSC Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Secretariat Auditor, Assistant Grade 2, Excise Inspector, Sub Inspector and other Degree Level Examinations are advised to study well these General Science Questions.. Have a nice day.
1. The unit of electric charge is
Answer:- Coulomb
2. One hectare is equal to approximately how many acres?
Answer:- 2.471
3. Who discovered Unix operating system?
Answer:- Dennis Ritchie
4. The temperature of a place is 104 F. What is it on Centigrade scale?
Answer:- 40
5. Cutting is easy with a sharp end of a knife. It is due to:
Answer:- This force acting on a sharp edge is more because the surface area is less
6. A megawatt is:
Answer:- 1000000 watts
7. Glass is best described as:
Answer:- Super cooled liquid
8. The blue colour of sky is due to:
Answer:- Scattering of light
9. Of the total energy of supply of biosphere solar energy comprises:
Answer:- 99.98%
10. A radar that detects the presence of an enemy aircraft uses:
Answer:- Radio waves

11. An astronaut can’t hear his companion at the surface of the moon because :
Answer:- There is no medium for sound propagation
12. LASER is:
Answer:- Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.
13. Insulators are substances with:
Answer:- Bound electrons
14. A red light is used in a traffic signal because:
Answer:- It has the longest wavelength and can be easily noticed from a long distance
15. The electrical energy obtained from ordinary batteries is from:
Answer:- Chemical energy
16. In pendulum clocks, if the pendulum is made of ---, temperature changes have no effect on its period:
Answer:- Invar
17. The rays which cause sun burn are:
Answer:- Ultra violet
18. If a band is played on the moon, the sound will:
Answer:- Not be heard at all
19. The process of heat flow from one place to the next via collisions is called:
Answer:- Conduction
20. Man is able to see both distant and near objects because:
Answer:- The lens can change its focal length

21. Fermionic condensate is ..... th form of matter.
Answer:- 6
22. Super cooled Fermi gas is form of matter.
Answer:- 7
23. Who discovered Doppler Effect?
Answer:- Christian Doppler
24.Amount of matter is measured in :
Answer:- Mole
25. NASA sent Phonenix mission to:
Answer:- Mars
26. Instrument used in submarines to view the surface of water?
Answer:- Periscope
27.The process of water becoming vapor is :
Answer:- Evaporation
28. The instrument that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is .....
Answer:- Dynamo
29. In an electric motor electrical energy is mainly converted to .....
Answer:- Mechanical energy
30. What will be the weight of a man on Moon, if he has 60Kg weight on Earth?
Answer:-10 Kg
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