Kerala PSC English Questions - 1

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1. People make vine ____ grapes.
(a) for 
(b) by
(c) from 
(d) with

2. Choose the misspelt word:
(a) Analize 
(b) Argument
(c) Assistant 
(d) Comparative

3. The synonym of ‘Audacious’:
(a) Useless 
(b) Foolish
(c) Bold 
(d) Cracy

4. He _____ his father:
(a)takes after 
(b) give out
(c) pass by 
(d) turn over

5. He goes ___ school at 9 a.m. every day.
(a) to 
(b) with
(c) for 
(d) by

6. He is senior ____ me, though he is younger.
(a) than 
(b) from
(d) to

7. I can’t help you _____ you tell me the truth.
(a) unless 
(c) but
(d) as if

8. I was delighted ___ his unexpected arrival:
(a) at 
(b) for 
(c) of 
(d) with

9. One who does not believe in God:
(a) Pagan 
(b) Atheist
(c) Charlatan 
(d) Pedant

10. One who studies insects:
(a) Archaelogist 
(b) Entomologist
(c) Botanist 
(d) Curator

11. She was accustomed ___ the moods of her husband:
(a) of 
(b) to
(c) with 
(d) about
12. The collective noun for ‘Cattle’:
(a) bunch 
(b) bevy

(c) Ignorant 
(d) Intelligent

18. The word ‘Authentic’ means:
(a) Brilliant 
(b) Charming
(c) Diplomatic 
(d) True

19.To surprise somebody greatly
(b) Antonyms
(c) Astonish 
(d) Reveal

20. The synonym of ‘Exorbitant’:
(a) Suitable 
(b) Miserly
(c) Calculating 
(d) Excessive

21. Something is wrong ........him.
(a) by 
(b) with
(c) at 
(d) of

22. He was pleased ___ the boy.
(a) with 
(b) on
(c) over 
(d) of
23. A polite or gentle way of saying something nasty.
(a) idiom 
(b) phrase
(c) Euphemism 
(d) Antonym

24. He spends hours looking ___ the birds.
(a) to 
(b) for
(c) at 
(d) in

25. Choose the correct form:
(a) Attatchable 
(b) Attachible
(c) Attachable 
(d) Atchatable

1 (c) 2(a) 3 (c) 4 (a) 5(a) 
6(d) 7(a) 8(a) 9(b) 10(b) 
11(b) 12(d) 13(c) 14(a) 15(a)
16(c) 17(a) 18(d) 19(c) 20(d) 
21(b) 22(a) 23(c) 24(c) 25(c)

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